Kenskoff Jacmel Brise de Mer

Inspired by Nature's Harmony

Made in the USA

Josiane B. Pinkcombe

Josiane B. Pinkcombe

About Us

Josiane B. Pinkcombe was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and has lived in Miami for the past forty years. She describes herself as a continually emerging artist. Her landscapes vary from prints on paper or fabric to paintings on canvas and hand-painted pillows for interior décor. Whether at home, work or any venue of hospitality, her versatility in mixed media and her avid love of nature create a unique composition that engage the observer in a beautiful and restful place.

It may all have been inspired by growing up in Haiti at her grandparents’ gingerbread-style house, surrounded by a lush garden and blooming bougainvilleas climbing on the charming white balcony.

Her passion for designing fabric brought her to paint large, multicolor canvases while attending Florida State University where she earned a BFA, influenced by Trevor Bell’s teaching of painting space and atmosphere. She also holds two Master’s Degrees, one in Art Education and the other in Educational Leadership.

Her profession is teaching children about art techniques and art history, exciting them about the contributions of various artists throughout time, and working with them on developing their own talents. She is a firm believer in Gardner’s multiple intelligence theory and applies such awareness in her daily interaction with her students.

In 2007, she created her artistic textile design company, Remylee LLC.

In her own artwork, Josiane Pinkcombe invites you into that special sense of place …yours.

Josiane B. Pinkcombe
Remylee LLC. Artistic Textile Design